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A.T. Richardson Chockstone Pinot Gris 2017


Varietal: Pinot Gris 
Current Vintage: 2017 
Bottle Size: 750ml 
Case Size: 6


This Chockstone Pinot Gris displays a crisp texture with refreshing acidity and a delicate fruit body. It is made for easy drinking, yet is complex enough to match just about any food. The subtle fruit flavours of pear, kiwi, green apple are followed by hints of citrus blossom and guava.


The typically low yields and harvesting at the perfect flavour profile lead to the delicate flavours and balance that defines our Chockstone Pinot Gris. Once harvested, the grapes and juice were left to sit for 24 hours to build flavour and structure. The grapes were then pressed as gently as possible, and the juice allowed to work its way through a nice cool fermentation with as little intervention as possible. The fermentation came to rest with just a touch of residual sweetness to balance the vibrant acid profile, creating a focussed palate and elegant finish.


A satisfyingly easy wine to have on it’s own but will partner well with fresh salads, seafood and white meat dishes. 

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